Production services

India has large unexplored areas, be it within bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata or the terrains in the Himalayas or one of the largest shorelines in the world…

Here are many of the few things about India you might want to know, before we get started.
Whether it was the Jean Renoir’s production designer in the early 1950’s or Danny Boyle’s in the 2008 & others in between & after them have worked with local art directors & artists to create their sets.
State of the art studio is what you need & that’s what you will get, right here in Mumbai.
You would pretty much get what you need. However, if there is something that we don’t have here, we can definitely import the same.
Most stuff is available here, just in case you are looking at something specific, we can get them shipped here.
You would need special permission from Animal Welfare Board to shoot with animals & Forest department if you wish to shoot in the forests.
Though not the area strength, there is great improvement over the years. We could help you achieve that chase scene or the combat scene that you are planning.
Just like in the west, rental companies here have the widest & latest range of equipment for you to choose from.
Movie set for quick setup of movies.